I'm Hillary Grant, a graphic designer based in Seattle.

Along For The Ride app with sample avatars

Along for the ride

UI/UX, app concept

I developed the concept for this iPad app to address the needs of parents with young children looking for things to do on long road trips. Mobile technologies are making it easier to get a child to sit still by staring at a screen playing Angry Birds, but it doesn’t feel very good to the parent who would rather their child engage with their surroundings.

Along for The Ride is an all-purpose road entertainment hub, which promises to turn lengthy car rides to grandma’s house into the nostalgic road trips of yore when kids looked out the window rather than down at the latest single player game. It combines classic road trip games with photo and trip documenting, journaling, fun facts, music, and social sharing, and provides parents with an iPad app they can feel good about buying for their children.

Along for The Ride home screen

The home screen provides the logged in passenger with the trip information from the other sections of app, including counting stats, results of games played between riders, and photos and videos each member has taken.

Along for The Ride camera icon

I chose a side navigation system for this app with large, kid friendly buttons and icons to help younger children new to reading. The camera icon is always available in the bottom right corner to encourage lots of memory making. Of course, when internet is available, social sharing of all the sights along the way is a must!

Along for The Ride lightbox screen
Along for The Ride count suggestions screen

The “car count” page helps keep track of anything passengers choose to count during their travels. Seeing the numbers go up and up is magically motivation enough for adults and kids alike to pay close attention to their surroundings. Everyone wants to be the one to spot the next hay stack.

Along for The Ride count screen
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