I'm Hillary Grant, a graphic designer based in Seattle.

Seattle Sockeye logo

Seattle Sockeye

branding, web design

This project for Seattle’s top men’s ultimate frisbee team required an updated logo and identity that captured the athleticism and spirit of the game, appealed to an international audience, emphasized teamwork, and still conveyed that “the Fish” were guys you’d like to have a beer with after a match.

I looked to international soccer team logos for inspiration, and chose a circular emblem style to hint at a frisbee, rather than show a disc directly. I focused on an abstracted school of fish to emphasize Sockeye’s core values and key characteristics of the sport.

Seattle Sockeye merchandise
Seattle Sockeye logo

One of my favorite aspects of the logo is the spiked circle which doubles as the top-down view of a beer cap. It isn’t noticeable to younger fans, but is something the team and other “in the know” adults can still enjoy.

Seattle Sockeye jerseys
Seattle Sockeye branding pieces
Seattle Sockeye homepage on devices

Sockeye Website

The redesign of the Sockeye website to correspond with the new identity involved creating a more sophisticated navigation system and clean, gridded layout. The side nav stays fixed on desktop for easy access to other pages at any time, and becomes a fixed header on mobile.

The homepage offers a variety of ways to connect with the team, featuring new gear and rotating player bios, and, of course, keeping fans up to date on the latest team news.

Seattle Sockeye homepage
Seattle Sockeye meet the team page
Seattle Sockeye gear page
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