I'm Hillary Grant, a graphic designer based in Seattle.

Target Want It! app sample screens

Target "Want It!" app

UI/UX, app concept

Teammate: Val Maughmer

With this iPhone application, my teammate, Val, and I looked to solve two common problems for the female Target shopper. The “Want It!” app utilizes scanning technology to provide options for a customer when they either 1) find that an item they want to buy is out of stock at their location, or 2) are on the fence about buying something, but would like to keep it in mind for easy purchase later.

In the latter case, the phone has the potential to act as a “self-registry”, similar to a wedding or baby registry, where a person can walk around the store unhindered by concerns over immediate financial commitment, and simply say to themselves, “Want it!” With a quick scan, they are just a few steps away from owning it any time they’d like.

Target Want It! app sample screens
Target shelves

Despite its wide selection of quality products, even Target runs out of in-demand items. Since they offer many colors or styles of the same product, it can be even more frustrating for the customer when the store doesn't have exactly what they want in stock.

The convenience and ease of the "Want It!" app is meant to alleviate that frustration, by empowering shoppers to either find the missing product at a nearby location or provide options for speedy home delivery.

task flow symbol

Task flows

My teammate and I highlighted two separate task flows which show quick, simple steps to purchase. The circle indicate the option the user picks within each screen. The “scan an item” option is chosen in-store, while the “wishlist” can be utilized anywhere.

scan option task flow
scan option task flow
Target social sharing for shipping

Spread the word

Sharing a purchase via social media channels would result in free shipping for the user, and help spread awareness for the app.

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